How to quell the annoying thrum? How to suffocate that rhythmic throbbing? Thoughts upon that aching mass, that weakened muscle that feebly, stubbornly scrapes along. 

So tired of trying to please everyone,
A million different opinions,
I’m just going to be myself whether they like it or not,
I’m giving it all that I got.

- Old School | B. Reith

I’d really like to know who this artist is.
source: http://thewelshwolf.blogspot.co.uk/
Words to live by.

Drifting Insomnia.

Steady breaths and falling rain. Tranquility blanketed an uneasy soul allowing you to rest through the night. Leaving behind a simple reprieve. And a rogue desire to protect the moment of peace now draped over your weary heart.

——- ʀ ᴀ ɪ ɴ. Giving way to tranquility. Lost to sweet memory. Bringing a sense of serenity as I watch you beside me. Our loneliness is beautiful.  ——-

Hair on end. Cold seeps beneath the skin. Move through the room and soak it in. When the air is stale, when the temperatures drop, remember the silence that was lost to the world. Counting minutes and counting days. It’s all a haze. Static. And the organ beats. Static, then the rhythmic beats. One, two, three.

Paradise. One, two, three, four, more. Paradise. Let’s bring them all inside.

And still they scratch. Ripped a visage with that crooked grin. The wolf in sheep’s skin. It’s no wonder they can’t see who I am. Look at me, look what I’ve done. Look how far I’ve come. I’m standing right back where I was again, and man it feels like hell. I don’t want to eat. I want to leave. I need a walk I need to breathe. Maybe I’ll take  a break and ease a bit, but I’m thinking this might just be it. And once again it goes down. I want to rest and not be found.

Draining emotion from fingertips, pouring thoughts through keys. Continue on and see why I continue to do what I do. It’s not easy. Not at all. Carry on through the time of need. Lost that chance. See if you think you know. Cigarette breath. I don’t need to know. I wish I could take this over. I could tell you what I need. And we could keep on driving closer. Take one step at a time and then drive. Do you get what I mean? Time to release and let go. Trigger pulled. Thoughts dulled. Run it through again. Rethink your choices. Trigger pulled and thoughts dulled. And still they scratch.

They scratch at the glass box. Howling in dual tones. It goes on from here and answers are sought. Why does it feel like this will hurt forever. now you know who I really am. If there was ever anything I wanted right in this world it was this one area of my life to be right. I would give up all the rest for it.

This can be used to cope with the pain. This can be used to numb it away. If you’re feeling tired and down, drink this and become a new person. Forgive and forget. Fought and paralyzed. Don’t think I’m pushing you away. You’ve got a thing. That I could bring paradise. That I’ll forgive and forget before I’m paralyzed. Do I have to keep up this face? Keep your sets in sight.

Let’s watch it go down with the sun as my tongue and teeth go numb. It’s a breakdown of the internal organs as the drink settles in. Damaged kidneys will numb the pain. This tea will greatly help with dulling out unwanted and unnecessary sounds that— 

Forgive and forget before I’m paralyzed. Don’t think I’m wishing you away when you’re the one I’ve come closest to. When you’re the one I’ve kept closest. Press fingers to those strings and wrap it around those digits.  Watch it go down with the sun as my teeth and tongue go numb. You may hear it again. You rise, seeing the hidden passenger that I’ve taken. Close your eyes, let’s forgive and forget. Looking for answers and finding surrender. Surrender is the answer when we come undone. Get over and press on.

If you want a good dose, down it quickly, down it fast. Press forward, and ready yourself for the crash. No need to wait anymore, there’s nothing to wait for. Close your eyes and watch it go down with the sun as your teeth and tongue go numb. Soothe over the pains and let it be numb.